Trujillo Crystal®

Trujillo Crystal preserves a balance between agave’s fresh flavor and its soft herbal and citrus notes. A perfect tequila to mix, due to its freshness and nobility obtained from a special filtration.

Available in USA & MX

Trujillo Cuarenta®

Trujillo Cuarenta is the essence of tequila at its best. All the agave flavor is recovered by being distilled directly from copper stills, obtaining a medium body. Flavors and aromas make it unique. Cuarenta gets its freshness from their fields of origin.

Available only at Mexico

Trujillo Tahona®

Trujillo Tahona distinguishes by its robust body and silver nuances that sparkle in the glass, with a touch of cooked agave and mineral that are offered in its being. A tequila with great character for the palate, emphasizing its handmade nature derived from the ancestral process with which it is made.

Available in USA & MX

Trujillo 10 años®

Trujillo 10 años exhibits an elegant and deep character been aged 10 years in American oak barrels, our only aged tequila, gives off warm notes typical of cooked agave and endless woody and sweet aromas.